From the PIA to the France 2030 program: what opportunities?

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Hugo Charbonnier
Director of Innovation Financing - Partner

Are you one of the challengers in the race for technological innovation towards an eco-responsible world? Join the starting line of France 2030!

Following on from the Programme d'Investissement d'Avenir (PIA), the France 2030 plan opens up new opportunities to support innovation, in a virtuous perspective of ecological transition for better living together.

PIA - France 2030: a sprint towards breakthrough innovation

"[Programme d'Investissement d'Avenir and Plan France 2030] an exceptional public investment effort in areas that represent a medium- or long-term strategic challenge, with a transforming logic for the transition to a new development model.1"

Created in 2010, the Programme d'Investissement d'Avenir marks the beginning of an ambitious and useful innovation support policy. In its continuity, the France 2030 program, launched in 2021, will result in a determined investment in " disruptive innovation ", representing 54 billion euros over 5 years.

*CA: Commitment Authorizations

Disruptive innovation

Also known as disruptive innovation, disruptive innovation refers to an innovation, often technological, that replaces a previously dominant technology. It embodies the emergence of new products or services.

In line with the Programme d'Investissement d'Avenir n°4(PIA4), the France 2030 plan is divided into two parts:

  • Directed innovation, which targets sectors, markets and technologies considered to be strategic priorities for the sovereignty of the French economy and the ecological transition;
  • structural innovation, which aims to ensure the long-term financing of the higher education and research ecosystem (action 012), and to support innovative companies (action 02). 

The innovation directed in 10 strategic objectives announced by the President of the Republic on October 12, 2021

1. Promote the emergence of a French offer of small modular reactors by 2035;

2. Become the leader in green hydrogen and renewable energies in 2030;

3. Decarbonizing our industry;

4. To produce in France by 2030, nearly 2 million electric and hybrid vehicles each year;

5. To produce the first low-carbon aircraft in France by 2030;

6. Invest in healthy, sustainable and traceable food ;

7. Produce at least 20 biomedicines in France, in particular against cancer and chronic diseases, and create the medical devices of tomorrow;

8. To place France at the forefront of cultural and creative content production and immersive technologies;

9. To take our full part in the space adventure;

10. Invest in the deep sea field.

Innovation for the ecological transition and a better quality of life

"Better production, better living and better understanding of our world "4 France 2030.

France 2030's commitment toinvesting in innovative technologies is driven by a major challenge: better production for better living by 2030. Innovation will either be responsible and ecological or it will not be!

  • 50% of investments for innovation will be devoted to the emergence of high-potential players, unicorns, start-ups and challengers of the new technological revolutions.
  • 50% will be dedicated to actions to decarbonize the industry and deploy new responsible and sustainable solutions.

France 2030 is a commitment to innovations that willaccelerate the ecological transition,improve our quality of life anddeepen our knowledge of the world. It is not only a question of decarbonizing our modes of production, but also of providing the means for healthy and sustainable food, optimal health for all, and a creative and immersive culture.

Who can benefit from the France 2030 plan?

France 2030 is aimed at start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), medium-sized enterprises (MSEs), large industrial groups, higher education institutions, research organizations and laboratories.

How to benefit from the France 2030 directed innovation grants?

Are your innovation projects in line with the strategic objectives set by the government? Go to the France 2030 innovation grants section!

Believing in one's potential and responding to one of the multiple calls for projects, regularly published on the government's "France 2030" website, is the key to obtaining support for innovation.

To help you monitor calls for applications and find the one that best suits your project, you can filter opportunities by major theme (digital technologies, electronics and robotics, health, sustainable cities, etc.) and by type of beneficiary (SME, start-up, large company, etc.).

How to obtain support for structural innovation in the France 2030 plan

Do your innovation projects fall outside the framework of the major strategic axes set by the State? Go to the structural innovation section of the France 2030 plan!

The " bottom-up innovation grants " are numerous and offer prospects of financial support for original and multiform projects. Here are the platforms that list the different innovation grants you can apply for.

Bpifrance innovation grants

Bpifrance's innovation support is aimed at start-ups and SMEs, and aims to finance feasibility studies, industrial research and experimental development. This financial aid takes the form of a recoverable advance or an R&D Innovation Loan, which can be up to 3 million euros.

Eligible projects: "Any research, development and innovation (RDI) project, whether collaborative or not, aimed at developing innovative products, processes or services with concrete prospects for industrialization and marketing.

Aid for research and development projects structuring competitiveness (PSPC)

These grants support the implementation of a collaborative strategic innovation project involving at least two companies and a public research or training organization. They consist of a contribution to the financing of the project, in the form of a combination of grants andrecoverable advances

To be eligible, the project must "have a significant economic impact and expected benefits for the national territory in terms of added value, jobs, investment and structuring of a sector.

Bpifrance's calls for projects and innovation competitions

Bpifrance regularly publishes numerous calls for projects, as well as notices of innovation competitions, such as i-PhD innovation competitionInnovation Competition, which aims to double the number of Deeptech startups in France. 

Regional aid, or the "territorialized" component of the France 2030 plan

Regional innovation grants under the France 2030 plan are managed jointly by Bpifrance and the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations. Each region can choose its own innovation orientations, based on four areas of intervention: industry projects, innovation projects, collaborative R&D projects and professional training projects

These territorial aids are the subject of innovation competitions andcalls for projects by region, which are centralized on the Banque des territoires website.

In short, in the continuity of the PIA, the "Investing in France 2030" plan represents exceptional opportunities to support innovation, which all champions of committed innovation must seize. Take the plunge and respond to the many calls for projects and competitions! We believe in your power to improve the world through innovation.

1 Report of the Commission on the National LoanNovember 19, 2009, p. 23.

2 Action 01, "Financing the ESRI ecosystem and valorization", aims to guarantee the long-term financing of Higher Education, Research and Innovation structures.




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Hugo Charbonnier

Director of Innovation Financing - Partner

For the past 10 years, I have been accompanying and advising innovative companies in the strategic and financial development of their innovations: identification of development axes, participation in the construction of the business plan, participation in the construction of financial forecasts, definition of the best financing strategy, construction of financing files (CIR, CII, JEI, Bpifrance, Digital Innovation Competition, PIA...). My technical knowledge in various fields such as e-education, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Big Data, Automatic Language Processing, etc. is essential to effectively promote the innovative nature of projects to funding agencies.

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What is an AIP?

The PIA is a Program of Investment of the Future. This program with a national framework allows the financing of projects in line with the State's policies.

What are the Calls for Projects (CFP)?

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