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Administrative Manager
Commercial Director - Partner
Project manager in innovation financing - Expert in projects with environmental and societal impacts
Julia HIS
Consultant in innovation financing
Project manager in innovation financing - Expert in European calls for projects
Head of the administrative department
Expert in financial engineering for digital companies - Partner
Martin HULIN
Senior innovation consultant - Expert in industrial design and mobility
Innovation Consultant
Sébastien DESCHAUX
Director of Innovation and R&D - Expert in innovation science research
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They transformed the world
Mechanical cap: innovation as a response to the challenges of the circular economy.

You certainly know the mechanical cork, this retro looking cork, attached to its beer or lemonade bottle in the old fashioned way by a bent metal wire. Unlike caps, it allows you to close your bottle to finish it later and it is reusable almost infinitely. These corks are made in Alsace by the 40 enthusiasts of Edard, a company founded in 1795. Today, their mission is to innovate in order to achieve greater sustainability.

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Satt Conectus
Identifying the adequacy of an educational game with its BtoC market: the Biumiz case.

Born from research by the CNRS and the University of Languages of Strasbourg, the Biumiz project is a mobile game that aims to awaken oral interaction in English among children aged 4 to 7.

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R&D as a lever for opening up professional training for all.

Unow is revolutionizing professional training thanks to SPOC, an online training system tutored by experts. Numerous impact studies reveal that the existing training offer, clearly dominated by face-to-face training, does not allow the real effectiveness of the training to be measured, and is considered expensive and too restrictive.

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Making the city accessible to all: the mission of Okeenea and Dynergie.

For almost 30 years, Okeenea has been one of the leading players in mobility. Its 60 enthusiasts have made it their mission to make the city accessible to people with disabilities.

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    The media

    Our talents are committed to passing on their knowledge through our innovation media.

    I become an expert
    Open Innovation
    Open innovation, a collaborative innovation approach

    Dynergie presents the opportunities of open innovation, an open and collaborative innovation approach, beyond the company's borders.

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    France 2030
    From the PIA to the France 2030 program: what funding opportunities?

    Dynergie explains how you can benefit from the innovation support of the France 2030 plan, in the continuity of the Programme d'Investissement d'Avenir (PIA).

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    Hackathon of Social and Solidarity Innovation: Handicap International x Dynergie

    In partnership with Dynergie and with the support of Minister Sophie Cluzel in the presence of Mr. Gabriel Attal, Handicap International is organizing its first hackathon dedicated to social and solidarity innovation at the Cartonnerie in Paris on January 12 and 13.

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    From start-up to scale-up: how to make this transition successfully?

    For many young innovative companies that meet their first successes and experience strong growth, the question of evolving the structure of the start-up arises.

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    Calls for projects
    I-Nov innovation competition: what are the 8 themes?

    The 7th wave of the "Innovation Contest - I-Nov" (former Innovation Contest - Growth) is launched!

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    360° support
    Succeeding with your innovative startup - advice from Stanley Robotics

    Known for its fundraising, its innovative technology, its television coverage and its articles in the press, Stanley Robotics is one of the most successful innovative startups in France.

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    Design Thinking
    Design Thinking: 11 tools that make it easier to practice!

    We propose 11 concrete tools that will allow you to materialize the Design Thinking method and to get all the benefits (...)

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      Any questions?

      Our innovation experts answer your questions.

      What is the Lean Startup method in innovation?

      This innovation method, which is based on macro and micro analysis of the market and opportunities, consists of going to find the truth where it is (with users and consumers), then coming up with ideas, then challenging them (through market tests) and finally improving them.

      What is the CII (Innovation Tax Credit)?

      The innovation tax credit is a tax measure reserved for SMEs. They can benefit from a tax credit of 20% of the expenses necessary for the design of prototypes or pilot installations of new products. The declaration is made with the same file and according to the same procedures as the Research Tax Credit (CIR). SMEs can benefit from the early repayment of their CII.

      What is agility?

      It is the ability (of a team or an organization) to create products or services by consistently delivering value, while responding to change, in an uncertain and turbulent environment.

      What are the Calls for Projects (CFP)?

      These are competitive programs where a prize (usually a grant and/or a loan/repayable advance) is awarded to one or more winners. Eligibility requirements and evaluation criteria are unique and communicated for each Call for Proposals.

      What is accessible knowledge?

      These are the results of research and development work made available in the state of the art. This knowledge can be used by the person normally competent in the field concerned: by direct experimental investigation using the concepts or methods identified in the state of the art or by logical deduction of the consequences which can be compared with known elements.

      What is the value of a qualitative study?

      This interview, often in focus groups, allows us to better understand and apprehend consumer behavior in depth, especially during the market exploration phase. The samples are small (about ten in BtoB, about fifty in BtoC). The objective is to let them explore the subject in depth through open-ended questions, with a focus on active listening (rephrasing, repeating, encouraging them to elaborate). We often ask questions of potential users, but also of other players in the value chain when they benefit indirectly from the offer.

      What is the definition of the CIR (Research Tax Credit)?

      The research tax credit (CIR) is a tax incentive designed tò encourage companies' R&D efforts. Since January 1, 2008, this system has been considerably strengthened, simplified and de-capped: it now takes into account 30% of companies' R&D expenses, up to €100 million, and 5% above this threshold.