Decipher your ecosystems with business intelligence

Decipher your ecosystems with business intelligence

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    Discover and seize key opportunities aligned with your ambitions. Our analysts can help you identify the trends and developments impacting your sector, offering you a selection of calls for projects and tailor-made public policy analyses.

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    Inspire yourself with winning strategies by gaining insights into the innovation strategies of your main competitors. Dynergie can help you identify the calls for projects they are winning, their main partners and their latest innovations.

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    Benefit from strategic analyses on subjects of major interest to your company, and feed your roadmap. AI, energy transition, cybersecurity... We create tailor-made studies to provide you with the keys to current topics, from global understanding to specific deciphering.

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    Clotilde FOLLEREAU
    Business Intelligence Manager - Lyon
    Romain ESCRIVA
    Business intelligence consultant - Paris
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      Finance Act
      Focus on the 2024 Finance Act: C3IV, JEI and other measures

      France's Finance Act 2024 introduces significant measures: reform of JEI, C3IV, and other initiatives influencing innovation and corporate taxation.

      January 17, 2024
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      Finance Act, JEI
      Reform of the JEI status in the 2024 Finance Act: what remains of the Midy report?

      The 2024 Finance Act adopts major reforms to the JEI status, inspired by the Midy report, to boost investment in innovative SMEs and start-ups.

      January 16, 2024
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      CIR reform: deciphering the changes to be expected

      Find out more about the Research Tax Credit (CIR): its history, current criticisms and planned reforms. This article takes a closer look at the crucial role of the CIR in financing innovation, and the proposals for optimizing its effectiveness and impact on SMEs and the green economy. Immerse yourself in an analysis of possible developments for 2025 and beyond.

      December 7, 2023
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