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BPI financial assistance: strategic innovation consulting services

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Are you an SME or ETI looking to innovate? BPI's "Diagnostic axes d'innovation" grant enables you to finance the identification of innovation levers, and to carry out a market study for your innovative project.

The importance of integrating an innovation approach

In a constantly changing world, marked by societal, environmental and technological transformations, it is becoming imperative for companies and organizations to rethink their business models to remain competitive.

Innovation, a major lever for supporting these transitions, needs to be supported by a precise approach, with a strategy, an action plan and an established organization, as well as by the use of the right methods and skills at the right time.

Bpi France "Diagnostic axes of innovation" financing

To encourage French companies to undertake their first innovation initiative, Bpifrance offers the "Diagnostic axes d'innovation" public assistance program. It enables companies to benefit from the services of a specialized consultant, whether strategic or technical, while contributing to the financing of this support.

From idea to feasibility and market research

The initiatives put in place must encompass the detection of potential areas of innovation, or be part of an assessment of the feasibility of a given project. These initiatives can specifically include :

  • Ideation activities aimed at integrating an innovation process at the heart of the company, thus encouraging the emergence of new directions and innovative projects;
  • Technical feasibility analyses ;
  • Technical and economic studies to assess the viability and financial impact of the innovations envisaged;
  • Prior market research to understand the market potential of a solution and its interest for users;
  • First French patent filed.

Companies eligible for this public subsidy

To be eligible for this public aid, your company must be an SME or ETI with fewer than 2,000 employees, and not have received any innovation aid in the last 2 years, regardless of your sector of activity.


A maximum amount of €16,000 including tax can be covered, with Bpifrance covering 50% of this sum.

How can you get Bpi France to help finance your project?

To facilitate your access to this direct public aid, at Dynergie we offer 2 types of eligible support, specifically designed to meet all your needs and potential expectations:

  1. Emerging strategic directions and innovative projects
  2. Dynergie market research: market tests 

Dynergie takes care of all the necessary procedures to obtain this device before signing the contract.

Emerging strategic directions and innovative projects

Make sure your innovation projects are optimally conceived right from the idea stage. Our experts will guide you through an in-depth examination of your technology, assets or ambitions, with the aim of developing a truly innovative project that meets your challenges.

Dynergie market research: market tests

Maximize efficiency in terms of time, cost and effort by confirming the viability of your innovative projects before they are developed. Our team of marketing specialists carries out a concrete evaluation of your project, quickly exposing it to its audience to validate its market appeal.

In conlusion

If you want to embark on an innovation process, you can benefit from Bpifrance's "Diagnostic axes d'innovation" scheme, which offers financial assistance for a Dynergie consulting service to help you structure your approach, develop innovative projects and validate their market relevance.

Please contact us here if you would like to benefit from our strategic advice on innovation.

Nicolas Hily

Marketing & Growth Manager

After spending two years as an innovation consultant specializing in the implementation of marketing strategies for innovative solutions, I'm now focusing on boosting Dynergie's growth as marketing and growth manager. Throughout my career, I've had the chance to experiment with a wide range of methods and principles derived from the field, my customers, my colleagues and various sources of information. Today, I'm delighted to have the opportunity to share this expertise with you. I hope to be able to share my vision of innovation and marketing through this content.

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