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Vivatech 2024 white paper

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We're delighted to present our new white paper: Vivatech, 2024 edition. It traces and analyzes the main trends in innovation through five themes that are close to our hearts and that we believe will play an important role in tomorrow's world: AI, Climate Tech, Healthcare, Mobility and Deeptech.

Launched by Publicis and Les Echos in 2016, Vivatech has become a must-attend event for innovative companies from around the world in just a few years.

The 2024 edition welcomed nearly 3,000 exhibitors and some 165,000 visitors, surpassing the CES in Las Vegas, a benchmark in the field of technology.

Participants included Elon Musk (SpaceX, Tesla), Serena & Venus Williams (Shares), Yann LeCun (Meta), Robin Li (Baidu), and many others.

Vivatech is much more than just a trade show: it's an extremely rich and innovative ecosystem, as well as a place for demonstrations, exchanges and negotiations to anticipate and create the transformative innovations of tomorrow.

Our innovation experts were on hand to guide you through your innovation projects.

Today, they share their analysis highlighting the key trends with the greatest impact on the societal challenges facing the world!

Florence Caghassi Jouni

Agency Manager - Partner - Paris

I've always been passionate about the power of ecosystems. Thanks to a diversified career, combining business relationships, projects and innovation, I've learned to surround myself and my peers with a single objective: to bring them value. My conviction? Working in ecosystems opens up new fields of possibility and learning, and accelerates the pace of change. To get out of one's den, to open up to others, to give without expecting a return, to share without limits is, in my opinion, probably the best method of innovation and creativity in the world.

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